Coaching FAQs

What are the benefits of coaching?

Benefits of doing this work can include more clarity about one’s goals and priorities, feeling that one’s life is more closely aligned with one’s values and what one holds most dear, increased confidence and self-love, healthier relationships, more freedom from inner doubts and obstacles, more enjoyment and fun, and lots more. As with most endeavors in life, your own intentions and commitment to this work will have a strong influence on the outcomes and results.

How do I work?

By utilizing and sharing the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired in my own training and education, and along the journey of my own life: deep listening, acknowledging and affirming, gently challenging you as appropriate, the humility of realizing that I don’t know what you should do or become or pursue, or what kind of life is meaningful and authentic for you, but that you know, somewhere inside you…and that my task is to assist you in finding what you seek. I serve as a catalyst to your process, as an ally in the process, respecting that the answers and breakthroughs come from you. I’m trained and committed to helping you find them for yourself. Along the way, as appropriate, I will offer tools, methods, and strategies that could assist you in breaking through stuck places and getting where you want to go.

I bring no agendas about your life and dreams and hopes. I meet you where you are, and assist you in getting where you want to go.

From the most worldly focuses—finding a better job, getting promoted, establishing healthier boundaries with others—to esoteric spiritual quests, all inquiries are welcome and appropriate for this work.

What kinds of things make good topics to be coached on?

Just about anything in life!

Are you wanting to be more successful at work…have a more loving, supportive intimate relationship…set healthier boundaries…communicate with others more effectively…understand more clearly and learn to transcend your own internal fears, doubts, obstacles…live a more peaceful life…create a more meaningful, fulfilling life…find your career/professional mission, one that’s aligned with your values and passions…reduce stress and clutter in your life…live a more spiritual life…develop your leadership skills…become a more effective manager of people…have more balance in your life, more time for the things you want to do…develop better time-management habits…deal with adversity, difficulty, crisis…become more clear and effective in discernment, in decision-making…navigate transitions, change, fresh starts, moving on…enhance your creative skills…?? Our work begins right where you are, with whatever is pressing or exciting or passionate for you, and moves towards where you want to go.

How does one choose a coach?

Finding out what a prospective coach’s coach-specific training is might be a good place to start. Coaching is popular, for many reasons, in part because it works. And to date, it’s also unregulated. Which means that lots of people call themselves coaches…many have jumped onto the coaching bandwagon who don’t have any coach-specific training at all, who’ve never been taught how to be a coach. Coaching is different than psychotherapy, or nutritional consulting, or career counseling, or other helping modalities. It uses specific skills and methodologies. The International Coaching Federation is leading the way towards establishing standards for the coaching industry, and many coaches favor requiring graduation from a certified coach-training program in order to call oneself a coach. Full membership in the ICF now requires completion of a certified coach-specific training program.

What is my coach-specific training? What are my qualifications for doing coaching work?

I graduated from Coach U’s Core Essentials coach training program. Coach U is one of the leaders in providing Coach training and is also the world’s leading provider of coaching services. I’m trained in and committed to the Coaching Core Competencies and the Coaching Code of Ethics, and am a member of the International Coaching Federation.