About Brian

Following is a bit about me, about where I’ve been and how my journey has unfolded, because it’s the essence of what I bring to my clients, in addition to my formal education in coaching, Spiritual Direction, and astrological consulting.

From as early in this life as I can recall I wanted to be an explorer. To explore the world, to witness and learn and experience, to share what I’d seen with others. An inner drive for wanting to pack a lot of adventures into life, to learn as much as I could…a deep passion for nature and wild places, for overseas travel and adventures, for cross-cultural experiences.

Over the years this quest has led me to dozens of countries on 6 continents…onto many long solo backpacking trips off-trail into some incredibly beautiful and wild places, like the primeval Alaskan Arctic, and the Kimberley and Top End regions of Australia’s remote Northern Territory…to studying at 3 universities…to traveling the world with rock stars, securing and managing their tours across Europe and Japan and Australia and North America…to working 24/7 on the rolling decks of Alaskan Bering Sea crab boats, soaking wet and sleep-deprived (depicted on “Deadliest Catch”)…to putting on crampons and rope and climbing some pretty big mountains across the western part of this continent.

I studied the liberal arts—literature, history, psychology, sciences—at the University of Puget Sound, UCLA, and the University of Washington, where I graduated Magna Cum Laude (“With Great Honors”) and Phi Beta Kappa (the National Liberal Arts Honor Society).

Upon graduation I wanted to get paid to see the world. This led to working for 20 years managing major events at the highest levels of the entertainment industry…many years as tour manager, road manager, security director for some of the biggest superstars in pop music, as Tournament Manager or Executive Director of various levels of the national college basketball championship (the Final Four), and managing professional sports and concerts and all other events at a 65,000 seat stadium.

All of this fed some incredible places in me, and was deeply rewarding…but despite all the travel and searching and study I still wasn’t finding what I was looking for, what was really driving me. (It certainly wasn’t for a lack of looking!)

Along the way, a curious and auspicious thing happened. As I pursued these passions, my quest began to shift, of its own…from an outer, geographic, intellectual, experiential quest, to an inner, spiritual quest. To exploring consciousness itself, and my own inner workings. Eventually I realized that this was what I’d been seeking all along.

Then came years of participation and immersion on the paths of Mahayana and Zen Buddhism, sitting meditation practice, Native American spirituality and ceremonies, Devotional Nonduality, the Episcopal Church…many days and nights on Native American vision quests, alone and naked…meditating for many weeks in silent Buddhist retreats…many years of increasingly committed focus on spiritual study and growth, devotional practices, inner psychological exploration, personal growth and healing.

All those years of travel and wilderness and study and cultural experiences around the world have profoundly enriched my life, helped me grow, and helped me have something to offer others. And I’m still an explorer–just in new directions. I’ve covered a lot of ground in life and it is available to clients in our work together. Those explorations have brought about an intention to share with others where I’ve been and whatever it is I’ve become.

I graduated from Coach U/CoachInc’s Core Essentials Coach Training Program. CoachInc is a leading provider of personal and corporate coach training, and the largest provider of coaching services in the world.

My training in Spiritual Direction took place at the Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction in Tucson, AZ.

I completed a 3-year apprenticeship with internationally-renowned astrologer and author Steven Forrest, a major player and pioneer in astrology nationally and around the globe for more than two decades, and the co-creator of evolutionary astrology.

My principal interests lie in serving the highest good, in spiritual and personal growth, and in sharing the fruits of what I’ve received with others, assisting them in growing in ways they’re passionate about and realizing what they truly are.