“You have been one of the most impactful and inspiring human beings that I’ve ever met. Your coaching has had a singular and significant impact on my life, how I live it, and how I deal with the inevitable ebb and flow. In addition to being a great coach, you are a gifted spiritual mentor. You are authentic, present, focused, practical, hold good boundaries, and are 100% supportive. You are patient beyond words. I live my life differently–better– because of your coaching and spiritual counsel. You are a man of God, and you share your gifts in a loving, consistent manner. For all this, and knowing that many others benefit from how you live your life, I deeply thank you Brian.”        L.M., Oakland, CA

“Wow Brian! That was amazing. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and very grateful. So many things make sense now. But the overarching feeling I’m left with is one of deep trust in God. It is beautiful to see the pattern that is playing out. Truly beautiful.”         S., Seattle

“Without fail, whenever I spend time with Brian I feel uplifted, invigorated, hopeful and empowered. I cannot imagine a person, problem, or situation that could not benefit from Brian’s kind approach. His essence is dedicated to serving the highest good in people and to enriching the lives of those he is engaged with. He radiates hope.”      M.G.,  Reno, NV

“The essence of what Brian does is to help me reach my full potential as a human being. He brings deep listening, compassion, and affirmation that wherever I am is ‘just the right place to be’. He is truly a spiritual teacher, and shares wisdom and insights generously. He listens, reflects, empowers, and shares insights. Working with Brian brings me deeper self awareness and practical tools to help me become more confident, loving, and capable. Brian helps me become more self-confident in especially hard/challenging aspects of my life. Brian uses deep listening, inquiry, and metaphor to illustrate a point or highlight an issue; he also teaches and shares spiritual wisdom. He shares very practical, daily practices that complement the spiritual and reflective learning moments in our work. At the end of each session he helps me connect with my insights. He also brings enthusiasm – it is natural for him, and very helpful to me as he holds up the positives when I feel down about myself or about the times when I feel that my self-awareness hasn’t led to making better choices. He ‘holds’ possibilities for his clients, even when they aren’t able or ready to hold them themselves.”

“Brian, thank you. I can’t even tell you how deeply this speaks to me and how lucky I feel to have it. Your ability to find words to describe complex human character is perhaps even more stunning to me than the art itself that you practice. It is amazing how you see into humans and the universe. I have many questions and a lot of wonderment. Your work is enlightening, powerful, colorful. You bring an amazing gift. I appreciate what you have brought to me Brian – somehow from afar, you have been a great energy in my life…just knowing you has brought a real grounding energy to my life. I thank you for that.”     M.G., Seattle

“I’ve known Brian in various capacities for several years. I refer people to him without hesitation because I know they will receive excellent work from a remarkable person. Brian’s wealth of life experience gives him the ability to connect with a wide variety of human types in the worlds of business, sports, media, music, academia, metaphysics, and with seekers of all kinds. The best listener I have ever met, Brian is non-judgmental and tremendously compassionate. He meets people where and as they are. At the same time, he is, when necessary, the most grounded, direct and gentle truth-teller I have ever encountered. During some extremely stressful and confusing times in my life, Brian has been a beacon for me. I’ve felt heard, accepted, un-judged, supported and presented with wider perspectives. I’ve never felt pushed, constrained, or directed. Brian accompanies you; he doesn’t lead you. Throughout the process he sheds light on the turnings your path might take, and on the stuck places and the living potential within you. He could have taken many respected paths through life–hence the variety of experience he brings to the table. He has chosen to commit to a demanding spiritual practice, and practice it he does. Over the years, I have seen Brian become steadily more compassionate, calm, at peace with himself and with the world, gentle, other-centered and keenly perceptive, while staying just as funny, human and accessible as ever. Brian’s ongoing dedication to his personal and spiritual growth has opened him up in ways that are hard to describe. Every time I see him, I feel as if I am in the presence of a kinder, wiser and more humble being than I was the last time our paths crossed. I’ve learned an invaluable amount from Brian’s insight and skills. I’ve learned even more simply from the living example that he never mentions and always gives.”       J.T.,  Southern California

“After many conversations and exchanges over the years with Brian, I would have to say Brian is a ‘natural’ coach. I always feel like the best in me is brought forth. Whatever the issue, Brian allows for the unidentified blocks to be brought to the foreground, and then I am able to see the issue differently. During the process, I always feel encouraged and that he is listening and always there for me. It’s almost like a field of optimum choices are available and I am being assisted in choosing the most helpful ones. Brian’s integrity calls forth the truth of a tough issue and allows for self-discovery in the process. I would highly recommend Brian to assist with one’s inner life discoveries, especially in realizing one’s potential.”      In appreciation, Sedona, AZ

“During 2011 I met with Brian to receive spiritual direction. From the start, Brian’s kind, compassionate and gentle way of being created a safe place to explore what thoughts and belief systems I had been clinging to that held me back from experiencing God’s love and presence more fully. I also sought out spiritual direction to discern how and in what ways I may best be of service to others. Brian has a remarkable gift of being a loving, listening presence, and of holding the inherently sacred and grace-filled space that exists when willingness meets wisdom. Brian affirmed me in staying present in the moment while at the same time honoring my process and movement. He encouraged me as I began to listen to the still small voice within and to trust and love myself on a deeper level. I felt free to express whatever thoughts or emotions or sensations that came up for me without fear of being judged. Brian trusts his intuition without making assumptions; for example, after an “aha” experience, or a release of emotion, he asked if I felt comfortable taking a few moments to pause and integrate that experience before proceeding. This was extremely helpful. Brian is very insightful and was able to articulate patterns and connections he observed and heard, when I lacked clarity and needed some guidance in shifting my perspective or zooming out to see the bigger picture. It is also important to me that Brian lives with integrity, maintains confidentiality, has completed training in spiritual direction and has experience in being a spiritual guide. I recommend Brian as a spiritual director without hesitation, and I am truly grateful to him for his generosity of spirit, his open heart, and for his loving kindness.”    T.R.,  Tucson, AZ