Spiritual Direction is an 1,800 year-old art of dialogue, listening, support, and guidance, about life and spiritual matters, in a confidential, counseling-like setting.

It is profoundly beneficial in assisting clients in gaining more clarity about their path and purpose through life…in discovering the answers they seek…creating more peace and satisfaction…facing and being with the ups and downs of life…deepening a connection with Spirit…developing greater balance…cultivating greater awareness…exploring and manifesting their passions…navigating life more smoothly and efficiently without being so much at the effect of it.

It is a practice of working together, through the rich material of everyday life…your passions and hopes and concerns, the areas of life that call out to you for attention…and can include explorations of finding and noticing Spirit’s presence in your life…hearing the wisdom within you…cultivating a deeper relationship with Spirit…creating a more spiritual life…by honoring and allowing you to walk your own path, at your own pace, in your own way.

It is a practice of “being with” rather than advising or seeking to fix, and operates fundamentally on the understanding that the answers you seek can be found within you.

It is open to all, and to all spiritual paths and faith traditions.

The name Spiritual Direction isn’t very accurate. It is actually very NON-directive, and deals effectively with issues of all kinds, whether overtly “spiritual” or not. More apt names might be Life Exploration, Deep Listening, Enhancing Clarity and Peacefulness, Spiritual Cultivation, Inner Guidance. My role is to serve as a facilitator…not a fixer, or advice-giver, or “director.” The answers and insights arise from Spirit, inside you. Any issue or aspect of life can be fertile ground to explore in Spiritual Direction.

I offer a complimentary 30-minute session to help you find out more, ask questions, experience Spiritual Direction, and get a feel for how we work together. Please contact me to schedule an appointment or find out more. I’d love to talk to you about how this work can be of benefit to you.

For more information about my Spiritual Direction work please see the Counseling FAQs page.