Waves—the ups and downs of life—are part of the human condition, at least in the day-to-day world most of us operate in. Everything comes and goes. But we can learn to ride those waves, instead of resisting them…to roll with them, co-exist with them…to “surf”. Coaching is a perfect vehicle for doing just that.

Coaching is a collaborative partnership. As your coach, I listen to you; I encourage and acknowledge you; I’m your advocate, your ally; I “stretch” you, encouraging you to go beyond, to reach deeper; I challenge you; I’m there for you, available between sessions, for listening, feedback, encouragement; and along the way, as appropriate, I share proven, useful techniques, ideas, and methods that can help you along. Coaches are active co-creators with clients, not just passive listeners.

I offer complimentary 30-minute coaching sessions to help you find out more, ask me questions, experience coaching, and get a feel for how we work together. Please contact me to schedule a complimentary session.

All topics and issues are welcome and perfectly suitable for coaching. Leadership, management, spiritual growth, developing a more spiritual life, personal growth, inner work, healthy boundaries, relationships, better communications, health and fitness, travel and adventure…all subjects are welcome. Coaching can provide you with the support and tools to go beyond where you’ve been able to go before.

I don’t give you the answers you’re seeking…because it isn’t possible for me or anyone else to know what’s best for you…you’re much too interesting and unique and complex for that…but I do know how to help you find your own answers, the answers that are true for you, that are waiting for you.

I’ve lived a widely diverse life, including many years in business, management, personal and spiritual growth. Please see my bio for more information about my background and what I bring to the table.

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