I hope you find the site to be inspiring and uplifting, a resource for your own growth and transformation, in the ways that are meaningful to you.

Most of us have things we’d like to transform…losing weight, healthier relationships, making more money, becoming more spiritual, finding our purpose in life…

What kinds of transformations are you interested in?

I provide coaching, spiritual counseling, and astrological consulting, and have completed professional training programs in all 3 disciplines. You can learn more about my background and qualifications here.

I’m committed to assisting clients in becoming what they truly are…in fulfilling their potentials…in becoming more confident and self-accepting …in helping them find their own answers…in creating a more enjoyable, satisfying life, authentic and aligned with their values and passions…in reaching the goals and priorities that are important to them…in identifying and transcending the inner obstacles and resistances that stand in the way…in becoming more successful, however they define it.

Please contact me to ask questions, find out more, set-up a complimentary session, schedule an appointment. I’d love to hear about you and discuss how this work can help you get where you want to go.

It’s an honor to do this work. I hold my clients in a context of love and compassion, with deep respect for the sacredness and beauty of their journey, their dreams, and the ways they’d like life to unfold, with a recognition that at the core we are perfect, whole and complete.

When we cultivate, we prepare the ground…we foster growth…we improve things by our intentions and care…and in doing so, we help create the conditions in which healthy, healing, life-affirming transformations can occur.

What kinds of transformations are you interested in?